Friends Charity

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Friends Charity

Friends Charity is a new charity which we are working closely with to produce an accessible presence on the web.

The purpose of FRIENDS charity is to fund postgraduate educational fees for disabled students who show exceptional potential in their undergraduate studies with the aim of enabling them to obtain professional qualifications that will enable them to work from home or in a conventional workplace where their condition allows.

The charity is the brainchild of Bob Green who will be leading the campaign to help fund disabled people through post graduate study. Bob himself is disabled and has a degenerative condition called ankylosing spondylitis. Bob states that funding cuts are effecting the number of scholarships available for disabled students which makes it extremely difficult to continue in education.

The funding generated by the charity will enable disabled individuals to attain their full potential which in turn will allow them to give back to the society which supports them in a positive and forward thinking way. This in turn will relieve the burden on public finances in conjunction with utilising a valuable human resource.

The Friends team will be hoping to team up with local businesses who will in turn benefit from the skills of the scholarships recipients.

The charity has had a great deal of support from MPs, Academics and many others.

If you would like to offer your support please visit Friends Charity website and get in touch.


Good luck FRIENDS

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